Complete Synopsis of Artik (2019)

  • Director: Tom Botchii Skowronski
  • Producer: Erik Bernard, Jerry G. Angelo, Kodi Saint Angelo
  • Cast: Chase Williamson, Lauren Ashley Carter, Jerry G. Angelo, Matt Mercer, Kari White, Gavin White

Arctic serial killer teaches his son to be a sadistic killer like himself. Acting accomplices, Arctic wife Flin Brays raised a group of captive children who were forced to work on the farm. Holton befriended Adam when he found the boy marking graffiti outside his shop. Holton gave Adam a journal to use to express his creativity.

Adam drew disturbing pictures from the Arctic who brutally killed their victims. Holton meets advisor Kar. Suspicious of Adam coming from a troubled house, Holton showed Adam's picture of Kar while asking for advice on handling the situation. Kar visited Arctic farming examining Adam's welfare.

Arctic mutilated Kar's face, took Kar's prisoner and tortured him. Kar lost, Holton investigated the farm. Holton eyes Arctic and finds his workshop full of bloody torture tools. Arctic arrested Holton as he tried to free the children who had been taken prisoner. Arctic tells Flin, Holton knows something they don't know about Adam.

During torture, Arctic and Holton faced each other because of their conflicting philosophies. Not being able to solve Holton through normal means, finding other ways to upset him, Arctic instead forced Adam to drink whiskey, angering Holton. Arctic thoughtfully thought Holton might be the mortal enemy he was looking for.

The Arctic sent Adam out and acted on his conscience, Adam released the captive children and asked them to help them face the Arctic in order to free Holton. Flin came to save her husband. Adam, Holton and others ran away. Arctic chased after them, Arctic executed one of the boys with a shotgun.

Holton escapes to the house where Flin attacked him. After the struggle, Adam ended the shooting battle with Flin. Angered by Flin's death, Arctic pursues Holton while shooting. The Arctic captures Holton and attacks him but Adam saves Holton and they kill the Arctic together. Adam and Holton ran away from the farm together with the children.


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