Complete Synopsis of Film Snatchers (2019)

  • Director: Stephen Cedars, Benji Kleiman
  • Producers: Paul Young, Eric Fisher, Elli Legerski, Scott Hinckley
  • Actors: Mary Nepi, Austin Fryberger, Gabrielle Elyse, Nick Gomez, J.J. Nolan

Sara found she was nearly nine months pregnant, unable to discuss the strange situation with her mother, Kate, Skyler or her friend Kiana, Sara sought Hayley's help even though Sarah stopped associating with him because Hayley was not popular. Hayley drove Sara to the clinic and Sara gave birth to an alien and cruelly beheaded Dr. Richard Friedman.

By injecting his stinging tail into his head, the Alien had a nurse Cheryl to control his body like a doll. Hayley and Sara escaped from the clinic only to find Sara still pregnant. Hayley pushed Sara to meet Dave, who had experience pushing energy in animals. Unknown, their car was chased by aliens. Dave theorized the parasite to hijack Sara's reproductive system.

Sara, Dave, and Hayley speculate that Skyler somehow brought aliens back from Mexico. Skyler explained the love for Sara when he called to remind her of Kiana's party. Hayley blamed Skyler for their situation. Dave made use of an injection of sterols to induce labor, but nothing happened. He and the girls speculate a second alien must wait for the first alien before it comes from Sara.

Police officer Oscara Ruiz took Dave, Sara and Hayley to custody. Oscar contacted Ms. Sara, Kate to the police station. Aliens arrive at Dave's warehouse to find it empty. Sara tried to explain she gave birth to an alien assassin. Oscar calms her down when she angrily blows up at her daughter during pregnancy. Kate and Sara had another confrontation afterward.

Aliens kill police officers, Kate hides with Sara and Hayley, Aliens kill Dave. Sara fainted after giving birth to a female alien when she regained consciousness, Sar amendapati Hayley took her to Skyler hoping to find an answer. On Skyler's Laptop, Sara and Hayley found Skyler's video diary created for class assignments.

The video reveals Skyler inadvertently used the Maya sword to destroy the fertility statue in the museum. The idol is spraying pink gas, Skyler. The hieroglyphs that appear in the background depict the two aliens determined to produce many monsters utilizing human hosts.


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