Full Synopsis of Ambili Film (2019)

  • Director: Johnpaul George
  • Producer: A.V. Anoop, C.V. Sarathi, Mukesh R. Mehta
  • Actors: Soubin Shahir, Tanvi Ram, Naveen Nazim

The man named Ambili Ganapathi (Soubin Shahir) is an orphan who is mentally ill but he has affection who lives with his grandmother in a city in the Kerala region.

The film begins with an insight into her relationship to a crush on her childhood friend named Teena Kurian (Tanvi Ram).

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Ambili faces everyday struggles in life with a smile, slowly winning the hearts of everyone in the village. Teena's brother Bobby Kurian (Naveen Nazim) is a rider and traveler who often has a desire to enter Guinness Records by having a cycling trip around the world before heading for a cycling trip to Kashmir, he returns to meet his family, where Teena explains his desire to marry Take it. Upset with this, Bobby fights with Ambili and also departs for a trip to Kashmir.

It was later revealed that Ambili's parents had died in a terrorist attack in Kashmir when he was young. His father Major Ganapathi was a military officer in the Indian Army and also the person who taught Bobby how to ride a bicycle.

The trip finally created a bond between Ambili and Bobby. They finally reach Kashmir, Ambili is filled with emotions as she remembers her family and also grows up with Bobby and Teena.