Full Synopsis of Becky’s Film (2020)


Becky Hooper was asked a question about something that happened recently at his family's home. Becky gave a vague answer and did not seem to remember what they were talking about. 2 Weeks earlier, Becky was a school student where her mother died a year ago, she had a tense relationship with her father Jeff.

The neo nazi prison gang fights over when leader Dominicik gives one of his forces to kill their rival. Dominick, Cole, Apex and Hammond drive the car. Dominick instructs Apex to kill inmates next to him, making the guards stop.

They took advantage of this opportunity to kill the guards and pretend to be police. They stopped the man and his 2 children on the road, where Dominick killed the man, and Apex might kill the child, and they grabbed their car. Jeff has a girlfriend Kayla who comes with his son Ty.

This made Becky disappointed even when he found out his father was engaged. Becky was upset and at home she found a mysterious key. Neo Nazis showed up at home, initially looking so handsome that their motives were clear. Dominick was looking for the same key that Becky had just discovered.

Ty and Kayla try to escape when Apex tries to help them, but they are captured by Hammond and Cole. At Dominick's house shooting Kayla's leg proves she is serious. Becky was aware of their presence, Dominick knew Becky was a person close to the area. Dominick brought Jeef out to lure Becky to him.

He knew he was in the woods behind the house. He tortures Jeff so Becky relents giving him the key. Dominick allowed Jeff to talk over the radio, but he ordered Becky to run. Jeff broke free from Apex and kicked Dominick in the face.

He managed to get Becky to say that he loved her and immediately Dominick shot him dead. Dominick asked Becky for a key, but soon Becky gouged out his left eye which allowed him to run away with another dog. Becky then went upstairs and attacked Cole.

Utilizing a sharp ruler, he stabbed Cole repeatedly. Hammond chased Becky towards the lake, but soon he made Hammond stumble landed on a sticking stick and fell into the water. Then, Becky jumped on the boat moving him towards Hammond to use it to kill Hammond.

When he ran away, he was found by Apex, who dropped Diego with a hard blow because he didn't want to hurt Becky after his mistake of killing two other children, so he let Becky go away from Dominick. Becky turned off the car alarm luring Dominick.

A fight ensues where Apex finds Dominick again, but he shoots him in the chest. Becky found Dominick on the ground and used a lawn mower to run over his head.

Apex apologized for leaving Becky to face him, thinking Becky would let him but he shot Apex in the head. Kayla and Ty came out with a dog and sat with Becky while they waited for the police.

Back to the beginning in the office where Becky spoke to the Sheriff and also a psychologist. Becky never confessed to the murder even though they knew he did it and also the sheriff expressed concern about this fact.