Full Synopsis of Dangers Close Film: The Battle of Long Tan (2019)

  • Director: Kriv Stenders
  • Players: Travis Fimmel, Nicholas Hamilton, Luke Bracey, Myles Pollard, Daniel Webber, Matt Doran, Alexander England, Anthony Hayes, Aaron Glennane, Richard Roxburgh

The story of Australia's bloody battle against North Vietnam. In 1966, the Australian and New Zealand Army were in Vietnam because they were monitoring troops from South Vietnam to fight their northern opposition.

Operation Vendetta's mission will take place in Long Tan after a mortar attack was launched against the military base the night before people play online gambling in https://bebasjudi.com/

But right before the mission was set to begin, Major Harry Smith, who had serious doubts about his platoon, tried to be moved.

But he refused the request and took his platoon to the Long Tan forest. As for Sergeant Bob Buick, his subordinates were very rude to him.

After their arrival at Long Tan, the platoon was divided into 3 teams. The shootout ensued both the Smith and Buick teams which continued to be attacked for hours.

In the midst of the battle, Smith continued to drive Private Paul Large because of the night before the mission, a big drunk who carelessly fired his weapon, forcing Smith to think that it was enemy fire.

Smith began to hesitate to let his team. However, when the battle took place at Long Tan, both Smith and Buick had to overcome obstacles and also their personal problems to help their platoon survive the battle.