Full Synopsis of Film Silent Remain (2019)

  • Director: Ke Zhou
  • Producer: Dinesh Vijan
  • Actors: Zhou Xun, Zu Feng, Sun Rui, Francis Ng, Wu Zhenyu.

During the Hong Kong Cultural Center singer concert, Wan Wenfang (Zhou Xun) was found stabbed in the dressing room of his assistant Luo Meihui (Li Na) who contacted the police. The man who was chased jumped into the harbor and was arrested.

He was subsequently identified by Chinese-American Jimmy Thomas. Wan Wenfang was taken to the hospital in a coma. The American Consulate hired Duanmu Lan a top lawyer from Beijing who studied in Hong Kong to be able to defend him.

Under Hong Kong law, Jimmy Thomas faces a life sentence if proven wrong. He told Duanmu Lan, Wan Wenfang was his mother.

Prosecutor Wu Zhengwei visited Wan Wenfang's manager, Tian Jingcheng, who knew him since the first recording 14 years ago.

He found Jimmy Thomas adopted from a home on the mainland in 2000 a US couple who harassed him and died in a car accident, after returning to treatment in the middle of his teenage years, Jimmy Thomas left at the age of 18 years and then disappeared.

 Jimmy Thomas told Duanmu Lan, six months ago he tried to find his original orphanage in Mainland China but was destroyed long ago in truth.

After tracking Wan Wenfang to Hong Kong, he confronted her but was refused, but he decided to recognize her as his son in the announcement after the December 24 concert. In the dressing room, they argue and he collapses, though he vaguely remembers hearing him speak to others in the room.

He recovered finding him stabbed on the floor and running. Duanmu Lan and Wu Zhengwei turned out to have a relationship but to his surprise, he immediately returned to Beijing and got married.

In the first trial, Duanmu Lan asked his client to retain his right to remain silent and while waiting for a psychological examination. The coroner's report explained that Wan Wenfang was actually stabbed twice, the second injury resulting in her coma.

Traces are also found in the Black Datura flower dressing room which traditionally depicts revenge that can lead to hallucinations.

Wu Zhengwei found US police suspecting cheating in the death of Jimmy's adoptive parents but dropped the case due to a lack of evidence. Someone leaked to the media that Jimmy was Wan Wenfang's son out of wedlock.

Jimmy Thomas explained to Duanmu Lan, he knew Tian Jingcheng when he was young and Tian Jingcheng hated him.