Full Synopsis of Korean Birthday Film (Saengil) (2019)

  • Director: Lee Jong-eon
  • Actor: Sol Kyung-gu, Yoon Chan-young, Jeon Do-yeon, Kwon So-hyun

The movie Birthday tells the story of Jung-il and Soon-nam about a husband and wife where their son died and Jung-il felt guilty he wasn't there with his family when his son died.

Birthday begins about three years after Sewol descends, bringing along a teenager named Su-ho (Yoon Chan-young). In the time since Su-ho's death, his mother named Soon-nam (Jeon Do-yeon) who has struggled to get through devastating sadness, even though Soon-nam has a daughter named Ye-sol (Kim Bo-min) to treated.

Soon-nam also went bankrupt after spending most of the money to be able to pay a lawyer to be able to defend her husband named Jung-il (Sul Kyung-gu)) in Vietnam, in a case.

When Jung-il returned to Korea, Jung-il's presence was not pleasant for Soon-nam because it was a bitter reminder that Su-ho was dead and that Jung-il was not there to be able to support Soon-nam at the moment Soon-nam need Jung-il.

Even worse, as the disaster warning draws near with their son Su-ho's birthday, Jung-il wants to remember his son along with a local support group, something Soon-nam is not at all open to. J

ung-il thinks it's best to be able to reconnect with Ye-sol who is ignored, accepts and has their losses and continues.