Full Synopsis of Low Tide Film (2019)

  • Director: Kevin McMullin
  • Producers: Rian Cahill, Richard Peete, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Kevin Rowe, Brandon McHugh
  • Cast: Keean Johnson, Shea Whigham, Alex Neustaedter, Jaeden Lieberher, Kristine Froseth, Daniel Zolghadri

In the late 1980s in a small coastal town in New York, young people named Smitty (Daniel Zolghadri), Alan (Keean Johnson), and Red (Alex Neustaedter) were 3 friends who planned to be able to spend their summer vacation on drugs, drinking and also a daughter.

Aka but to fund their lifestyle, the three of them started a crime, robbing houses rented by tourists who flooded the area every year.

Knowing that a closed elderly man has now died in his peninsular home, the three of them make plans to be able to enter their homes to be able to look for items that can be sold by them.

The three of them bring Alan's younger brother Peter (Jaeden Martell) who finds a bag of gold coins, but their plan ends abruptly when Sergeant Ken (Shea Whigham) arrives, which forces these teenagers to flee and scatter.

Peter buries a coin in the forest, immediately realizing the value of the discovery. Trying to keep the treasure quietly, Peter was disappointed when Alan started spending money to impress the woman named Mary (Kristine Froseth), while the unstable young Red man began to understand that he had forgotten something important and he tried to find answers.