Full Synopsis of Miss & Mrs. Korean Film Cops (2019)

  • Director: Jung Da-won
  • Cast: Ra Mi-ran, Lee Sung-kyung, Sooyoung, Yoon Sang-hyun, Yum Hye-ran, Joo Woo-jae, Wi Ha-joon, Kang Hong-suk, Ahn Chang-hwan, Kim Do-wan, Lee Jung-min

Two sisters-in-law who have different personalities take important cases. The woman named Park Min-yeon (Ra Mi-ran) is a top police officer from the Special Women Task Force, in the department of the Korean Police specializing in crimes against women.

But because of the unorthodox nature of Park Mi-yeon, Park-Mi-yeon is in danger of losing her job.

Meanwhile, his brother-in-law, Cho Ji-hye (Lee Sung-kyung), has seriously foiled the disguised task of being able to catch a pervert, but in the midst of his actions, made a mistake that resulted in Cho Ji-hye in a state of serious trouble.

But as a punishment Cho Ji-hye was forced to work together with Mi-yeon in the Special Women Task Force.

On their first day together, a young woman came and she then brought her cellphone before leaving. When Mi-yeon tries to bring her cellphone back, the young woman commits suicide by standing on the road and a truck then bumps into her.

Park Mi-yeon and Cho Ji-hye soon learned that the woman would become a victim of a very well-known viral video which would be broadcast in the next few days.

Park Mi-yeon and Cho Ji-hye decided to be able to put aside their differences and take the case, even if it meant anger from their superiors who wanted Park Mi-yeon to leave the police department because of her unorthodox nature.


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