Full Synopsis of Notebook Film (2019)

  • Director: Nitin Kakkar
  • Producer: Salman Khan, Ashwin Varde, Murad Khetani
  • Actor: Pranutan Bahl, Zaheer Iqbal

Kabir Kaul, a retired young army officer, decided to teach at the Wular Public School at his late father's school. Kabir has no teaching experience and still goes to school because the school will be closed if there are no teachers teaching.

At Kabir's school, he found a diary left in the desk drawer of the previous teacher called Firdaus. The children come to school after learning that a new teacher has arrived to teach them.

He tried to teach but they did not obey him which made him think he was not able to teach but after reading paradise diaries, Kabir found confidence deciding to try again.

On the other hand, Kabir's lover cheated on him who fought with Kabir. He talked to his girlfriend saying he would not be happy if he married her because Kabir had left the Army. Kabir broke his heart back to the school where he won the hearts of 5 children who studied at the school.
One time, the storm worsened school conditions, the diary fell in the lake. Kabir, with the help of five children, was able to improve the school and also found the diary. Kabir thinks of Paradise. He found out about Imran, a school student whose father wanted him to be involved in household activities rather than going to school.
Kabir managed to bring Imran back to school. Children love seeing Imran. Kabir decided to burn Eden's diary after learning that Paradise would get married. The children did not find good grades on the exam so the headmaster decided to exchange Kabir for Paradise.

Firdaus, on her wedding day, found out that her future husband was having an affair thus canceling the marriage. Firdaus returned to School. The children were happy to see Paradise return when Kabir left. Firdaus saw Imran again and felt happy. Firdaus found his diary in the drawer where he had left the year before.
Firdaus read a comment written by Kabir who wrote that he had fallen in love with the writer (Firdaus) and had learned from reading the diary. Kabir wrote the reason he left the Army. Firdaus now knows more about Kabir asking the same question to the principal about Kabir.

 The headmaster said Kabir took a teaching course. Firdaus confronts Imran's father who wants to bring Imran back but Imran doesn't want to. Imran sees Kabir running towards him saying he does not want to leave school.
Kabir drops the gun asking Imran to return it to him, Imran refuses to return the gun and will shoot his father but Kabir asks him not to do that.
Imran's father realized his mistake and left while Firdaus and Kabir finally met talking to each other. At the end of the film, Firdaus is shown sending children back home so that Firdaus will find time to talk to Kabir who has fallen in love with him.