Full Synopsis of Saaho Film (2019) Shraddha Kapoor & Prabhas

  • Director: Sujeeth
  • Producer: Bhushan Kumar, V. Vamsi Krishna Reddy, Pramod Uppalapati
  • Actors: Shraddha Kapoor, Prabhas, Jackie Shroff, Murali Sharma, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Vennela Kishore, Prakash Belavadi, Arun Vijay, Evelyn Sharma

Roy is the crime boss of Waaji City, he was killed in a car accident. While Devaraj the son of a former crime boss declared himself the leader of the next crime syndicate.

Roy was supported by several members but was opposed by others. Roy's son named Vishwank who foiled his plans to replace his father as the next boss.

Vishwank was determined to unmask his father's murder. The next story goes to India, where genius thieves who steal around 2 lakh easily. The hunt happened for the real culprit.

An undercover agent named Ashok was assigned as head of the hunting task force.

Although Ashok initially refused, he relented after knowing Amritha Nair the woman who was crazy about him would also be in the task. They were tasked with exposing the thief and setting him up in the next robbery, after which Ashok and Amritha fell in love.

They let the thieves take a black box that is able to open a locker filled with treasure in a secure building in Waaji City. Next, there was a chase where Amritha, David, and Ashok faced thieves on the bridge.

It was revealed that the thief in charge was Ashok and the officer who pretended with them was S.N. Saaho is actually the one who did the robbery.

Saaho escaped with David, Amritha with all of India's justice departments bowing. It was revealed Devaraj killed Roy to find power. Amritha tracked Saaho to Waaji City and pretended and he still loved her but actually helped Ashok. Meanwhile, Amritha actually fell in love with him betraying Ashok. Amritha was shot and taken away to Devaraj.

Saaho was forced by Devaraj to give him a black box, but then betrayed him when he reached an agreement and also gave the black box to Vishwank. Amritha was saved by Ibrahim, one of Vishwank's colleagues.

Saaho is chased by Ashok and the police, Amritha in a helicopter with a shooter, when the shooter shoots, Amritha tries to save Saaho by diverting Shooter's attention, but the shooter pushes him towards the end of the helicopter, Saaho saves him using a jetpack but is later arrested by the police.

Underworld lawyer Kalki and Vishwank were declared to be on Devaraj's side, he accessed the safe against the black box while Amritha found and also chased Alex, the man he met at a bar in Mumbai and Ashok met Vishwank. Saaho is taken to Devaraj village where he fights with Devaraj's forces and defeats them.

Devaraj arrives and Saaho explains to him he is Siddhant Nandan Saaho, the original son of Roy. Alex and Vishwank also explained this to Amritha and Ashok and Kalki watching the portraits of Roy and Saaho in the vault, to their surprise. Saaho kills Devaraj cutting off his head.


Ibrahim explains Saaho's true identity to the gang and Saaho subsequently becomes the next kingpin of the underworld. A few months later Saaho found Amritha somewhere in Austria confessing love for him. In the distance the shooter aimed at Saaho when he opened his eyes to danger.