Full Synopsis of the 100 Yards Film (2019)

  • Director: Dale Fabrigar, Ross Campbell
  • Actors: Sean Patrick Flanery, Daniel O'Reilly, Melissa Paulo, Danielle Rayne, Steven Brewis, Sheila Tejada

The man named Rich Porter is an American football player who is the quarterback of the Cebu Saints which is a small-town team in the Philippines.

While Rich Porter is successful in the field, off the field has a different story. Ms. Rich Porter is a missionary who has been missing since the disaster hit the area. In addition, Rich Porter was forced to drink.

When his girlfriend named Tess was found to provide information to American journalist Ray about the story of Rich and his habits outside the field, Rich told him to leave.

The next day changed everything against Rich as the first, he had been accused of destroying Tess when he was revealed with a black eye. Suffering contempt of the event, Rich fainted.

He learned that he had suffered from brain cancer. Forced to go to the hospital with the full support of his teammates and coaches, Rich began his journey to recovery.

Darrell, a boy who is friends with Rich, is also known to have the same cancer.

Darrell introduces Rich to a game called "100 Yards of Life". The game helps Rich slowly become both inside and outside.

When he recovered well, Ray understood a very shocking secret about the abuse that came from Tess and also he intended to learn the whole truth not only of his career but also of Rich's life.