Full Synopsis of The Closet (2020) Korean Movie

  • Director: Kim Kwang-bin
  • Author: Kim Kwang-bin
  • Actor: Ha Jung-woo, Heo Yool, Kim Nam-gil

The Closet is an upcoming film from South Korea in 2020 directed by Kim Kwang-bin and starring Kim Nam-gil, Heo Yool, Ha Jung-woo. The Closet film starts shooting in September 2018 and ends in November 2018. The Closet film is planned to be screened in theaters in February 2020.

Synopsis The Closet, which is due to a sudden accident, the wife of a man named Sang Won (Ha Jung-woo) has died.

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Sang Won has a daughter named Yi Na (Heo Yool) but her relationship with Yi Na has become awkward. To be able to restore his relationship with Yi Na, they then move to a new home.

Sang Won tried to approach Yi Na, but it was not easy. One time, Yi Na said to Sang Won that he had a new friend. Since that incident, he began to laugh.

However, Sang Won heard a strange noise coming from Yi Na's cupboard and also he saw an unusual sign from Yi Na. Sang Won next started having a strange dream.