Full Synopsis of the Film Assault on Precinct 13

  • Director: Jean-Francois Richet
  • Producer: Jeffrey Silver
  • Actors: Ethan Hawke, Ja Rule, Laurence Fishburne, Drea de Matteo, John Leguizamo, Brian Dennehy, Maria Bello, Gabriel Byrne

New Year's Eve Police Jesper O'Shea and secretary Iris Ferry were the only people located at Precinct 13. Former Marines, Roenick tied behind a desk harassed by alcohol, haunted by a disguised operation failed 8 months earlier causing the deaths of 2 team members.

Psychiatrist Alexandra Sabian took care of Roenick. The crime of Mr. Barion Bishop was arrested when he killed undercover police officers.

2 Deputy Sheriff's Department removes Bishop 3 other villains Beck, Anna, and Smiley. Raging snowstorms blocked the road, transportation buses were directed towards the nearby Precinct 13. Masked men cut off Precinct's communications, attacking the station that killed the Deputies demanding that Bishop be handed over to them.

When they killed one of the attackers, they found he was from an officer crew led by Captain Marcus Duvall of Precinct 21. They were actually Bishop's partners who were crooked in crime.

Bishop refused when Duvall and his crew demanded that Duvall and his troops try to kill Bishop before he testified of their involvement. Roenick frees arming prisoners to increase station defenses. Bishop and Roenick made a truce, because both groups knew they would be killed by Duvall protecting his secrets. Their combined efforts repel more attacks.

Capra police return to the station. Duvall's troops shot him, but he made it into Precint. With the Capra vehicle outside the door, Beck and Smiley secretly planned to make a break for it. At the same time, other human rights defenders plan to use the vehicle, Anna and Dr. Sabian volunteered to be a driver and shooter in an effort to receive help.

Smiley and Beck sneaked out first, both of them killed by Duvall's troops, unintentionally giving disturbances to Sabian and Anna running away. Duvall anticipated this hiding Kahane. Kahane kills Anna, Duvall kills Sabian after he refuses to provide information about the defenders of Precint 13. Roenick and Bishop decide to take action instead of waiting for another attack.

Someone inside opened the back door key, they suspected Capra as a traitor to Duvall. The defenders set fire to the station covering their escape and ran through the tunnel. Emerging from the tunnel, they found themselves surrounded by corrupt police. The original Duvall insider was O'Shea and Duvall prepared to execute the rest. Secretly Bishop had planted a lightning grenade at O'Shea who killed him. Confused, Iris and Capra escape with a Duvall truck. Kahane fired their tires then moved to kill, Iris killed with her own knife.

Bishop and Roenick were chased by a small town forest, where they worked together. Duvall injures both of them before Roenick kills finally can kill Duvall. Bishop took a weapon and fled, Roenick promised to personally arrest him in the future. When Iris arrives with police, fire, medical services, Roenick claims only he and police, give Bishop a chance to start. Roenick and Iris leave the forest when the sun rises.