Full Synopsis of the film Cry Me a Sad River

  • Director: Leo Leo
  • Actors: Yunlai Xin, Min Ren, Yingbo Zhao, Danni Zhu, Vivian Wu

High school student Yi Yao lives in a small house in the alley with her mother who is making a living for them. Since childhood, Yi Yao befriended the rich son Qi Ming even though his mother did not approve of his mother's way of life.

At Heping High School, Yi Yao was the only student not wearing a new school uniform, because her mother said it was unnecessary expenses.

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And the new girl in the class, Tang Xiaomi looked at Qi Ming, who was the handsome class president. Yi Yao had an upset stomach, and when he finally went to the hospital for a check-up, he told him he had a sexually transmitted infection, even though he was still a virgin.

Laser treatment would cost RMB 2500. Yi Yao didn't tell his mother, because her mother always accused her of trying to make money from him.

But one night alone at home, he fainted. Qi Ming took him to the hospital and also paid for his treatment, skipping a karaoke date with angry Tang Tang.

In return, Tang Xiaomi followed Yi Yao and also took a photo of him last night outside the street women's clinic. The photo circulating in the school made Yi Yao an outcast.

But a student of Gu Senxi befriended him and told him to face oppression. He did so, but Qi Ming became jealous of Gu Senxi's interest in him.

While Gu Senxi's twin sister Gu Senxiang has developed a fondness for Qi Ming.