Full Synopsis of the Film House of Hummingbird (2019) Korean Movie

  • Director: Kim Bora
  • Producer: Zoe Sua Cho
  • Actors: Park Ji-hu, Jung In-gi, Kim Sae-byuk, Son Sang-yeon, Kim Sae-byuk

Eun-hee (Park Ji-hu), a 14-year-old girl, is one of three siblings living in a cramped apartment with her parents, her parents running a small rice cake shop. An ordinary student falls asleep at school where another child cruelly exclaims that a naughty girl like he has never made it to college and is destined to be a housemaid for successful adults whom they consider to be themselves.

Meanwhile, Eun-hee's father makes her go to school cramming him with a Chinese teacher where he studies with his best friend Ji-suk, spending most of their class time making fun of the teacher by hurriedly writing notes.

Previously aimless, his world began to widen when Chinese teachers suddenly stopped and were also replaced by cool and mysterious Young-Ji university students and her playing online gambling.

Eun-hee suddenly has a desire to learn, especially when Young-ji turns out to be unique among the adults she knows, she seems to really care about him and is interested in hearing everything about her problem.

In the mid-90s, Korea had just been democratized and was rapidly modernizing wanting to claim its place on the world economic stage. Where Eun-hee's people are defeated, they want to be better for their children in the new society but struggle with how to get them.

Eun-hee's mother is smart but has to leave school to pay for her school fees. As result parents believe education is a way out but fail to realize their obsession with academic values ​​is slowly destroying their family homes. Eun-hee scowls in resignation pushed out by her rowdy family, the stress of her brother's exam often turns to violence and also her sister skips school to go to the club in an effort to avoid teenage anxiety.

Eun-hee seeks romance in teenagers with Ji-wan (Jeong Yun-SEO) who, honestly, may prefer abstract ideas to himself. The unexpected gift of a bright rose from the girl who shyly sent her thoughts in another direction but made her more confused than before at that moment also betraying. Through it all Eun-hee idolizes Young-Ji's mysterious figure with whom he seems to share some kind of closeness and connection so as to be absent in his frenzied family home.

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