Full Synopsis of the film Legacy of Lies (2020)

  • Director: Adrian Bol
  • Producer: Adrian Bol, Alla Belaya, Krzysztof Solek
  • Actors: Scott Adkins, Andrea Vasiliou, Honor Kneafsey, Yuliia Sobol, Tetiana Nosenko, Anna Butkevich, Victor Sole,
  • Cinematography: Simon Rowling.

Martin Baxter (Adkins) is a former MI6 operator who has retired more than a decade after a traumatic error, regret still burdens Martin years later.

Martin was very hurt, physically and even emotionally. The only thing that motivated him to rise was love for his 12-year-old daughter, Lisa (Honor Kneafsey).

Lisa is very smart, especially for her young age. Even in retirement, Martin remained in good physical condition to become a warrior. Martin works as an underground fighter.

When Martin was surrounded by British agents to be able to send confidential case files, Martin tried to avoid them. But because Russia also wants this best secret document.

Along with protecting Lisa, Martin must decide whether to trust Sacha, who is a journalist who acts as the most important part of the operation.