Full Synopsis of the Gundala Film (2019)

  • Director: Joko Anwar
  • Producer: Sukhdev Singh, Bismarka Kurniawan, Wicky V. Olindo
  • Actors: Abimana Aryasatya, Rio Dewanto, Tara Basro, Marissa Anita, Ario Bayu, Bront Palarae

Sancaka, the son of a poor factory worker, struggles to make ends meet. Young Sancaka is afraid of thunder and storms. Sancaka's father led his fellow factory workers in protest against the factory owner who demanded a raise.

The group meets armed guards and turns to violence. The second protest, Sancaka's father was betrayed was stabbed by his colleague who was bribed by the factory owner.

One year later Ms. Sancaka headed for another city to look for work. He promised to return the next day but never returned. Sancaka lives busking avoiding street thugs until he is rescued Awang older street children.

Sancaka stayed with Awang for some time and Awang trained him in martial arts. One night, Sancaka and Awang planned to depart Southeast on a passing train. Awang jumped on it but Sancaka was unable to catch the train and so he was left behind.

Years passed Sancaka has grown up working as part-time security and a mechanical guard at a printing factory. Legislative members are partly controlled by the cruel Pengkor mafia.

Pangkor led an army of orphans who had been raised as murderers and he was called Father. The club received resistance from legislator Ridwan.

The club and his troops carried out an evil plan to poison the rice stock with a serum that targeted pregnant women and arranged for the act of giving the camera poison and media release. the community became panic and they also demanded that legislators immediately release the antidote. But the antidote has not been tested by pharmaceutical companies to be published.

The legislative council is divided into two camps, one led by Ridwan and colleagues of the Peace House who want to issue a law to mass distribute the antidote, the other is controlled by the Pengkor who oppose the distribution of the antidote. Sancaka helped Wulan fight some thugs who bothered her. At night the thug retaliated as he worked at the factory and tried to kill him throwing Sancaka from the factory roof.

Sancaka's body fell to the ground, a bolt of lightning grabbing him revived which gave him superhuman strength. Wulan led a group of market traders to rebel against the troubling thugs.

Sancaka was in the market and finally defeated the thugs with his strength. Wulan asked Sancaka to join his group to be able to defend the market. Sancaka refused on the grounds that he wasn't sure he was the hero they needed. The thugs returned fire to the market.

With the help of Wulan, Tedy, and Pak Agung and Sancaka's friends, Sancaka tried to control the power of creating emergency costumes.

Sancaka began to fight to defeat criminals, inspiring people and standing together defending themselves from attacks by criminals.

A thug defected to Sancaka to see the famous soccer player Adi Sulaiman at the market on the night of the fire. He suspects Adi is the person who started the fire.

Sancaka went to Adi asking for a reason why he set fire to the market, but Adi who looked weak turned out to be a violent person who attacked Sancaka with a violin bow. Adi explained that he was one of Pengkor's foster children who was nicknamed "The Composer". While avoiding Sancaka, Adi was hit by a bus that happened to pass by. Adi's death made Pengkor and his colleagues angry.

Pengkor released orphans who became spy agents in all positions throughout the country, Tanto Ginanjar, Kanigara, Mutiara, Cantika, Jack Mandagi, Desti, Kamal Atmaja, Sang Buadi, Swarabatin. They have succeeded in killing some members of the Peace House. When Swarabatin "The Dancer" tried to kill Ridwan, Sancaka was present defeating him.

The legislative council ratified the rice poison antidote bill. When the test results came from the Peace House laboratory, it was discovered that Pengkor had deceived him all this time.

Rice that is exposed to rice actually does not kill, but rather the antidote is deadly. This is strengthened by the evidence that pharmaceutical companies producing the antidote were actually owned by Pengkor.

Ridwan tried to contact Sancaka asking him to stop the distribution of the antidote, but the club and his troops attacked Sancaka at the factory before Ridwan contacted Sancaka.

Kamal "The Sculptor" hypnotized Sancaka, but Wulan's screams made Sancaka aware. Sancaka released his power and defeated most of Pengkor's foster children. Wulan and Tedy were saved by Sancaka, but Pak Agung was killed.

Pengkor tried to attack Sancaka from behind, Ridwan came to shoot him from behind. The club was dying and declared he was the only one who managed to unite the people and the legislative council.