Full Synopsis of the Guns Akimbo Film (2019)

  • Director: Jason Lei Howden
  • Producer: Joe Neurauter, Felipe Marino, Tom Hern
  • Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Ned Dennehy, Samara Weaving, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Rhys Darby, Grant Bowler

In the near future, the underground fights club and also the criminal organization known as Skizm achieved great popularity in the real death match between psychopaths and criminals. Computer programmer Miles Lee Harris, who accepted his tendency by controlling online trolls, stepped into the Skizm forum to insult viewers in turning murder into entertainment.

The criminal and psychic riktor managing Skizm broke into Miles's apartment with his henchmen, Dane, Fuckface and Effie. After being beaten and anesthetized, Miles found a bloodied gun in his hands. Miles learned that he had been forced to participate in Skizm by being pitted against the deadly killer Nix.

Miles goes to the park to meet his ex-girlfriend Nova Alexander who explains to Miles he does not want to go back with him. Miles explains what happened to him, Nova runs away in fear. Nova reported the situation to Detective Degraves.

Degraves asked Stanton to hack Nova's telephone from Glenjamin. Miles went to the office where he worked so that he had hacked the Skizm tracking malware on his cellphone. Niles was assertive after his boss continued to humiliate Zander.

Nix comes to shoot Zander and shoots at the office. Miles runs away and Nix catches up. After confronting him again failing to reason with Nix, Miles contacted Nova but the Riktor kidnapped him. Miles called 991 leaving his phone at the junkyard to contact the police.

He accidentally interfered with a drug deal between two rival gangs. Nix was present began shooting at the criminal when trying to go to Miles. Police arrested Miles, while transporting him, Devraves and Stanton said their plan was to use Miles bait to lure Nix, who they had tried to catch for years.

Degraves explains his daughter Nix. Nix went crazy after Riktor took revenge on Degraves for defeating Riktor's gang. Degraves saved Nix, but his wife and son also died. Stanton explained he was a mole working for Riktor when he shot the head of Degreves instantly.

Stanton plays a video message where Riktor explains Miles has 30 minutes to kill Nix or he will torture Nova to death. Miles learned that the Skizm community dubbed him the "Akimbo Guns" because he became the most popular.

Miles on location, Riktor taunts him by throwing the body of Hadley. Miles meets Nix secretly and explains to him that the Riktor killed his father and had kidnapped his former lover. Nix agreed to a plan where they would stage scenes for Skizm's broadcast camera drones.

He was seen shooting Miles who was actually wearing a bulletproof vest which he removed from Degraves. Henchmen recovered Miles' body to take him to the Skizm Riktor hideout. Nix joined Miles when they defeated Riktor's accomplices, including Effie and Dane.

Nix sacrificed himself to blow up a suicide vest that blew up Fuckface and also other Riktor men and as a result Miles survived. Riktor executes Stanton while walking towards the roof with Nova. On the roof, Riktor shot Miles, but the latter was determined to accuse Riktor and in the end threw him to the roof to death, not before the Riktor told Miles, Skizm had spread all over the world and become a franchise.

After the Riktor died, Miles fainted from losing a lot of blood while imagining a romantic reunion with Nova. Nova actually became scared and shocked after seeing what Miles had changed. The next day, Miles recovered and while sitting in the car, he opened the file.

He found a comic book written by Nova and understood that he promoted Miles as a popular hero. With Skim spread around the world under new leadership, Miles is committed to trying to thwart all criminal organizations.