Full Synopsis of the Jade Black Film Agent (2020)

  • Director: Terry Spears
  • Producer: Kris Young, Terry Spears
  • Actors: Connie Franklin, Katie Burgess, Erin Herring, David C Tam, Buddy Campbell, JR Hatchett, Gina D. Brewer, We Want

Jade Black Agent is new recruitment of Covert Operations to become the winner who carries out. While Jade Black finished her work, her drastic problems fell on her attitude and striving to take orders.

But regardless of his attitude, trying to complete the work with the success that allows him to take the most dangerous mission.

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The mission involved a virus that involved rich people involved in the world of human trafficking.

When Jade managed to save the biochemist who had created the virus, he also asked for help for the mission.

During a reconnaissance mission to be able to infiltrate Damien Hawthorne, the main suspect, he was arrested and also interrogated not only by Hawthorne but also his colleague named Elle who made Horror Jader, a dangerous agent who came from the same program with the same.

Jade also managed to escape, but now it is very powerful not only completing the mission but in the midst of everything, making decisions that are able to change the end.