Full Synopsis of The Lost Husband (2020)

  • Director: Vicky Wight
  • Producer: Vicky Wight, Leslie Bibb, Bridget Stokes
  • Cast: Leslie Bibb, Kevin Alejandro, Josh Duhamel, Sharon Lawrence, Herizen F. Guardiola, Carly Pope, Nora Dunn, Georgia King, Isiah Whitlock Jr.

The woman named Libby (Leslie Bibb) who has left the big city for a new life, brings her two children named Abby (Callie Hope Haverda) and Tank (Roxton Garcia) to live together with Aunt Jean (Nora Dunn) for a certain period of time .

Enjoying a busy life on a farm to work, Jean felt that Sening could be reunited with his estranged nephew, hoping the woman would transition into the role of guard for property, left to the farm manager named James (Josh Duhamel) for proper training.

Flooded with such responsibilities, Libby struggles for clarity, still working through problems relating to the loss of her husband, also dealing with criticism from Marsha (Sharon Lawrence), her mother who is difficult and also disparaging.

Accustomed to his new reality, Libby found himself dealing with feelings for James, a handsome man giving a cynical view of life, and he made a connection to Sunshine (Herizen F. Guardioa) is a media that aspires to provide mystical contact with him in the past.