Full Synopsis of The Mercenary Film (2019)

  • Director: Jesse V. Johnson
  • Producer: Don Hollingshead
  • Cast: Dominiquie Vandenberg, Carmen Argenziano, Louis Mandylor, Brad Ashten, Manny Alva, Geordie Robinson, Robin Zbacnik

The man named Maxx was one of the best mercenaries in the group led by the crazy LeClerc. During routine missions, the group attacks a small village.

But Maxx's moral compass found its best when he saw one of his mercenary colleagues attacking a young woman. The group became exhausted and also during a secondary mission, which left Maxx injured and also left dead.

At first, LeClerc was surprised to hear the news, but in the end accepted Maxx's fate and also continued to walk.

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Found in a small church led by a missionary Father Elias, Maxx found a new perspective on life. He also decided to stay and also accept himself as a missionary himself.

When the young woman came and also found herself being followed by 2 local thugs. Maxx was able to fight them and soon the cover had exploded when the criminals were found working with LeClerc who was stunned to learn that Maxx was still alive.

When LeClerc started causing problems for Maxx and the church, Maxx soon realized there was only one way to find redemption and finally fight.