Full Synopsis of the Rogue Warfare Film (2019)

  • Director: Mike Gunther
  • Producer: Delphine Perrier, Andrew Emilio DeCesare, Michael Day
  • Actors: Will Yun Lee, Rory Markham, Katie Keene, Jermaine Love, Bertrand-Xavier Corbi, Gina DeCesare, Michael Blalock, Essam Ferris, Mike McKee, Linnea Wilson, Stephen Lang

The President of the United States has been watching with concern for the emergence of new terrorist groups in the Middle East. The Black Mask spreads death and also suffering wherever they arise. For that they have started operation.

This resulted in bringing together the best elite troops from the United States and then from representatives of France, China, Britain and Russia.

They were chosen, among others, Chinese soldiers named Daniel, the British sent Ralph, the Americans sent Prajurt James, France sent Soldiers Jacques and Russia sent Galina and Xu to go behind enemy lines to be able to see or prepare to fight against this threat from the world.

The International Team does not need joint training or tactical training. Instead they were thrown in the middle of their first mission.

They work together to be able to face more threats that the world may have to face, from the highest leaders who want to use dirty bombs to send messages to the world.