Full Synopsis of the Terminator Film: Dark Fate (2019)

  • Director: Tim Miller
  • Producer: David Ellison, James Cameron
  • Cast: Linda Hamilton, Natalia Reyes, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gabriel Luna, Mackenzie Davis, Edward Furlong, Diego Boneta

1998, 3 years after defeating the T-1000 and preventing the annihilation of humans against the evil Skynet Artifical Intelligence, Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) with her teenage son John relaxing on the beach when the Terminator arrived to shoot John who killed him.

In 2020, humans are called Grace (Mackenzie Davis), and the new Terminator model Rev-9 (Gabriel Luna), is separately transported from the future to Mexico City.

Rev-9 infiltrated the factory where Daniella Ramos "Dani" (Natalia Reyes) worked with Diego (Diego Boneta), his brother. He tried to kill Dani, but was thwarted by Grace who ran away with Diego and Dani in the car.

The Rev-9 chased them in the truck, eventually killing Diego and cornering Grace and Dani against 2 separate operating components, a strong skeletal frame, and a metal exterior such as a beam. Sarah arrives and temporarily deactivates the two parts of Rev-9 against explosives. After that, Grace collapses.

He explained that the addition gave superhuman abilities but only for a brief explosion, and he was responsible for various drugs for survival.

After finding medical supplies, Grace, Sarah and Dani retreated to the motel. Grace explained that she had been sent from 2042 to protect Dani because Dani would give birth to a resistance leader in the future.

Sarah explained she knew where to find them because, in the years since John's death, she received a message detailing the arrival of The Terminator which she then destroyed, every last message ending "For John". Grace noted that in her future she had never heard of Skynet or John. Humans are instead threatened by an AI called Legion designed for cyber warfare.

The new future Legion mastered the technology to paralyze an entire city and humans failed to neutralize it to detonate a nuclear device to create an electromagnetic pulse / EMP. Grace is tracking messages to locations across the Mexican-US border. Rev-9 tracks via CCTV and suspects they will cross the border. Rev-9 tries to kill Dani but he, Sarah and Grace escape by helicopter.

Head to the source of the message, they find the Terminator who killed John. After fulfilling his goals, it was without purpose and also adopted the family and name of Carl (Arnold Schwarzenegger), integrated and learned about humanity. This sent Sarah to give her purpose. Needing Carl's help, he promises to kill him once Rev-9 disappears.

Rev-9 asked for the group's return, forcing the group to flee to the military base. They stole the plane and fled. On the ship, Grace explained that Dani was the future leader of the resistance, and would save and adopt Grace as a child. Rev-9 intercepted but Sarah, Grace, and Dani parachuted to a safe haven in the Humvee, while Rev-9 and Carl crashed into a river next to a water-powered power plant. Rev-9 damages Carl and then continues to chase Dani.

Grace stalls Rev-9, Sarah and Dani tapped it toward the strong river current. The group reunites with Carl and breaks into the factory, even though Grace's power is fading. The group takes a stand against Rev-9, allowing Grace and Carl to force it into a spinning turbine which then explodes. Rev-9 survived but was severely damaged, after losing the entire liquid portion.

Dying, Grace orders Dani to take her power source to use it as an EMP to fight Rev-9. Dani handles Rev-9 but is subdued until Carl reactivates and also holds him back. Dani stabbed Rev-9 using Grace's power source, and Carl dragged him and himself toward the ledge into the hole, where the resulting electrical discharge melted the two machines that killed them.

Furthermore, the year that was not determined subsequently, Dani witnessed Grace as a child, before Judgment Day. He tells Sarah he will prevent Grace's death. Sarah told him the time to practice when the couple left together.