Full Synopsis of the Underworld Film: Blood Wars (2017)

  • Director: Anna Foerster
  • Producers: Gary Lucchesi, Tom Rosenberg, Len Wiseman, David Kem, Richard Wright
  • Actors: Kate Beckinsale, Tobias Menzies, Theo James, Bradley James, Lara Pulver, Peter Andersson, James Faulkner, Charles Dance, Clementine Nicholson, Oliver Stark, Daisy Head

The rest of the vampire covens are on the verge of the destruction of the Lycans. Both species look for Selene to use it to find Eve whose blood holds the key to building an army of vampire-werewolf hybrids.

Semira explained that she wanted Selena to be given clemency as a result she was able to escape the East Death Coven Dealer. Thomas and Selene arrive at East Coven with David. Semira has an ally Varga poison Selene, then slaughtered Dealer Death and blamed Selene. Selene was arrested. Thomas and David try to save Selene but they are attacked by Varga and Semira.

Thomas was killed and David and Selena were able to escape seeking Nordic Coven's protection. They were chased by Alexia Vampire East Coven who was sent by Semira. David was the son of High Elder Amelia who made him the legal heir of East Coven. Alexia explained to Marius, Selene would go to Nordic Coven.

After Alexia returned to the castle of Eastern Coven, he told Semira what had happened at Nordic Coven. Semira killed him explaining he knew Alexia's betrayal and wanted Alexia to lead Lycan. Semira was captured by Varga, who was then jailed underground. Coven attacked by Marius, The Lycans blow holes in the castle walls letting the sunlight kill some of the Vampires.

David fought before Marius and Selene suddenly present. It was revealed that the Nordic Coven had awakened him. Selene walks past the castle, guards are killed by Semira who then escapes from custody. Selene and David find Marius. As Marius and Selene's battle continued, Marius's blood landed on Selene's lips.

He was presently flooded with a series of blood memories where Marius found Michael. He saw Marius catching up with Michael and kill him. Believing Michael to be dead, he bit his wrist, making use of his own blood memory remembering the time he spent with David, Eve, and Michael. Marius has changed, Selene tore her spine which killed her instantly.

Semira drank the Selene virgin collected earlier and found immunity to the sun, but David managed to kill him when he was disturbed by the joy of the sun falling on him. After Selen, Lena and David were chosen as the new Elders. This explains that after being resurrected at Nordic Coven, Selene reunited with Eve who followed her mother through their telepathy.