Full Synopsis of the Venky Mama Film (2019)

  • Director: K.S. Ravindra
  • Producer: D. Suresh Babu
  • Actors: Venkatesh, Raashi Khanna, Akkineni Naga Chaitanya, Payal Rajput

Ramanarayana fortune teller in the village and famous personality.
Beginning with Karthik losing his parents in an accident when he was a child. His parents married each other through the help of his uncle on the part of Venkatarathnam's mother when his father Ramanarayana opposed their marriage because their horoscopes did not match.

Ramanarayana warned that the child might be
brought bad luck to his family and also indicated that he would be raised by his paternal grandparents. But Venkatarathnam wants to take care of his own niece. Years later Venkatarathnam / Venky Mama went to Kashmir to look for Karthik who left home without giving
Tofu. Venkatarathnam stepped into an army protected area and was prosecuted.

He told his story to military officers and
trying to convince them to see Karthik. But they said there was no one in the regiment with that name. But he still wanted to meet, he suspected the military officer was hiding his identity for a reason. He explained to them how he grew up

Karthik completed his technique and never thought get a job. Venky Mamam also supported him even though his father was not happy with it. Karthik learned from his grandfather Venky Mama that he had a disability for his horoscope and Karthik was the reason. The horoscope determines if they are together after Karthik turns 25, it will
be the end of Venky Mama. Realizing this, Karthik left with the army.

Back at the military base, Mama Venky meets the regimental chief officer telling him that Karthik has been kidnapped by terrorists during
operation. The chief officer informed the terrorists to ask for other arrested terrorists in exchange for Karthik but it was twisted that the terrorist who had been captured had actually been killed.

Venky mama realizes this as a suicide suicide save Karthik decides to disguise himself as a terrorist and rescues Karthik during the hand-off process. Hand-off took place in the snowy mountains of Kashmi, Karthik shot Venky's mama without knowing he was not a terrorist. There were big shots on both sides but the army and also Karthik's love saved Venky Mama from the death as a result of opposing the horoscope. The story ends Venky and Karthik reunite spending time happy life.