Full Synopsis of the Villain Film (2020)

  • Director: Philip Barantini
  • Producer: Bart Ruspoli
  • Cast: Craig Fairbrass, Mark Monero, Robert Glenister, Izuka Hoyle, George Russo, Tomi May, Lauryn Ajufo, Nicholas Aaron, Jade Asha

The man named Eddie (Craig Fairbrass) who has spent the last decade behind bars, has finally reached the end of his sentence, reviewing the life he left in disarray.

Reunited with his brother Sean (George Russo), Eddie returns to the family pub, hoping to settle down and also finding out what to do next, only to be exposed to Sean's carelessness, with a drug addict involved with a local gangster named Johnny (Tomy May) and Roy (Robert Glenister).

Hoping to solve the problem peacefully, Eddie revisited his friends and also his past to make cash to pay off a significant debt to keep his siblings alive.

Struggling to find a way out of trouble without using crime, Eddie also focused on reconnecting with Chloe (Izuka Hoyle), the daughter he left behind before he was expelled.

Faced with the man he used to be and also wanted, Eddie found the only way out of his problem was to return to bad habits, giving him a chance to solve the problem.