Synopsis Film Body at Rest (2019)

  • Director: Renny Harlin
  • Producer: Kim-Fung Cheng
  • Cast: Yang Zi, Jia-yi Feng, Clara Lee, Ron Ng, Carlos Chan

As the city of Hong Kong prepared to record a record rainfall at night and public transportation was closed, staff at the public hospital, Kuiyong (Kwai Chung) in New District, were shocked by 3 masked armed men breaking in, demanding bullets from the corpse of Zhen Anqi ( The 28-year-old Yi Seong-min) was just sent, a daughter of a triad boss whose body was found after a shootout.

The armed men are led by Santa (Ren Xiangqi), plus Rudolph (Feng Jiayi) and their crazy brother, Elf (Chen Jiale).

The forensic pathologist named Chen Jiahao (Zhang Jiahui) who is still mourning the murder of his wife by an uncaught murderer, Qiao Lin (Yang Zi), who will return to Beijing next week, has not yet processed the body of Zheng Anqi.

However, Chen Jiahao took a bullet from his body and also handed it over. After locking Chen Jiahao, Qiao Lin and also a security guard named Jin (Ma Shuliang) in a cooler with a corpse, the gunmen left but on their way to dispose of them, Santa realized it was not the right bullet, so the three returned to the mortuary .

 While Chen Jiahao, Jin and Qiao Lin had come out of the cooler and also accessed police records, they found that 4 men were found dead with Zheng Anqi, in what appeared to be a drug deal. The game of cats and mice takes place between armed men and mortuary staff for play daftar situs judi online terbaik.