Synopsis of Asur Films (2020) Complete

  • Director: Pavel Bhattacharjee
  • Producer: Jeet Madnani
  • Actors: Jeet Madnani, Nusrat Jahan, Abir Chatterjee

Kigan is often suspended from workers because of unusual activities in class such as consuming alcohol. He was fired from his job but instead of being depressed because of losing his job he was very happy to be an independent artist. Aditi was told by Kigan that she wanted to make the biggest Durga idol in the world in the Deshbandhu park. Aditi agreed to arrange Kigan's meeting with the committee.

The puja committee previously worked with large companies as sponsors, which Bodhi ran was Kigan's friend and Aditi's husband. Bodhi agreed as long as they had to get rid of Kigan as a maker but Aditi's father did not agree so they worked with a new company.

Bodhi is depressed because Kigan's creation has become popular with people. Bodhi plans to destroy the Deshbandhu park puja. In the morning Bodhi reaches the site of meeting Kigan. Bodhi appreciated Kigan's work but told him the idol was more open because it would be destroyed by Bodhi. But Bodhi smiled and left.

The puja committee held a party, where Aditi's father introduced Kigan to guests that he was Aditi's future husband. But Kigan made a mess of mocking Aditi's father there. He said he only loved Aditi only as a friend because Kigan considered Bodhi to be his perfect husband.

Aditi's father was embarrassed and then suffered a brain attack and was paralyzed. Aditi fought back Kigan assumed he had to take responsibility for his father's condition. Bodhi made plans to make a fake explosion on the puja campus. Bodhi even paid the media to cover the incident promoting it more seriously, eventually police authorities banned puja from demolishing idols.

Kigan was jailed for fighting with the police. Kigan challenges Bodhi, he will again open the puja. While Kigan had his faults with Aditi and they were reunited. Kigan was aware of the engineering he had contacted the police commissioner, the governor regarding the reopening of the puja but found a negative response.

Kigan and Bodhi fight where Kigan will kill him but Bodhi's son attacks Kigan with Bats so Kigan falls. Furthermore, after several events, Bodhi repented thinking he is a criminal begging for Kigan's forgiveness. Bodhi explained that he was not the only one related to the plan but Aditi was also responsible. Aditi thought of taking revenge on Kigan after his father's incident.

Kigan was devastated listening to all this, he thought he was responsible for this. So he left the place saying he would go to Nevada. While Kigan came to Aditi to ask him about his actions. Aditi said he had done everything for Kigan, but Kigan refused his love. So decided against Kigan.

Kigan became quiet and he said that some things could not be built anymore. Son Bodhi knew that in Nevada there were rituals of burning the artists themselves. The information attacked Bodhi and he quickly visited the Deshbandhu puja garden pandal with Aditi. But by then Kigan had burned the padal with himself.

He promised Durga that their story would remain forever even if the idol was destroyed. Kigan died but after some time of heavy forest rescued the pandal from burning completely. The Governor in his Kigan commemoration announced Kigan's work would be preserved forever. The last scene Bodhi and Aditi put together.