Synopsis of Korean Film Rosebud (2019)

  • Director: Jo Seok-Hyun
  • Producer: Jo Moon-Ik
  • Cast: Yoo Ho-Jeong, Ha Yeon-soo, Park Sung-Woong, Oh Jung-Se, Lee Won-Geun, Cha Soo-bin, Choi Woo-Sik, Kim Jung-Hyun, Lee Joon-hyuk, Hwang Suk- Jung, Lee Ji-Ae.

Set between the late 1970s and the present, this story follows a woman named Jang Mi who has aspirations to become a famous singer. At the age of 20, a woman named Jang Mi (Ha Yeon-soo) who wants to become an Idol.

Jang Mi got pregnant unexpectedly and she gave up her dream of becoming an Idol. Jang Mi (Yoo Ho-Jeong) has now become a middle-aged single mother. Jang Mi raised her daughter named Hyun A (Chae Soo-bin).

Jang Mi is a typical mother and she nags a lot towards Hyun A, but will do anything for Hyun A. One time when Jang Mi happened to meet a man named Myng Hwan (Park Sung-Woong).

Myung Hwan is a former lover of Jang Mi. In addition, Jang Mi is also involved with his former male friend named Soon Chul (Oh Jung-Se) who is the father of Hyun A.


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