Synopsis of the film The Bird Catcher (2019)

  • Director: Ross Clarke
  • Producer: Lisa Black, Ross Clarke, Leon Clarance
  • Actors: August Diehl, Jakob Cedergren, Sarah-Sofia Boussnina, Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Johannes Kuhnke, Christopher Dane, Jonas Hoff Oftebro, Arthur Hakalahti

The Bird Catcher is a story that explains a hidden piece of history that grips the heart. The film begins in 1942 in the bustling city of Trondheim in Norway where the whole country was under Nazi authority two years before.

Slowly the rumors about the Jews were taken as a teenager named Esther (Sarah-Sofie Boussnina) who was usually fascinated by Hollywood and also her desire to become a movie star, began to see the horrors of war.

While escaping Nazi persecution, Esther ended up alone on an occupied farm, forced to be able to conceal her identity and also pretend to be a peasant's child, leading to a series and also consequences that shifted the path of those around her.

Esther befriends the disabled family's son Aksel (Arthur Hakalahti) whose father named Johan (Jacob Cedergren) is a Nazi sympathizer in the hope of being able to rise in their political party.

As the Nazi occupation strengthened, Esther met other people on the farm who threatened to explain her secrets and also her chances of fleeing to Sweden and hope to be saved.