Synopsis of the film The Last Summer (2019)

  • Director: William Bindley
  • Producer: Wayne Allan Rice, Mike Karz
  • Actors: KJ Apa, Sosie Bacon, Maia Mitchell, Tyler Posey, Jacob Latimore, Halston Posey

The Last Summer Synopsis tells the teens are in the path of their lives regarding separation and their love relationship. This story follows that unconnected teenagers have little in common despite living in the Chicago area.

The man named Griffin (K.J. Apa) and the woman named Phoebe (Maia Mitchell) they were not romantic who reconnected after school preparation and spent their time, where they together worked on the Phoebe documentary.

Meanwhile, a man named Alec (Jacob Latimore) has broken up with a woman named Erin (Halston Sage) from an early age because of avoiding awkward long-distance relationships and they start dating new people after their two-year relationship that is very tightly formed.

Meanwhile, Alec's friend Foster (Wolfgang Novogratz) intends to make a list of his summer destinations, while Erin's best friend, Audrey (Sosie Bacon), spends the summer with a child actress. Meanwhile, two nerds named Reece (Mario Revolori) and Chad (Jacob McCarthy) who shed their hopes and also found themselves heading towards their adult world.