Synopsis of the Midsommar Film (2019)

  • Director: Ari Aster
  • Producer: Patrick Andersson, Lars Knudsen
  • Cast: Florence Pugh, Vilhelm Blomgren, Jack Reynor, Archie Madekwe, William Jackson Harper, Will Poulter, Ellora Torchia

The woman named Dani was traumatized after her brother killed their parents and then himself. This event strengthened Dani's relationship with his girlfriend Christian Hughes who had long wanted to get out of their relationship but because of feelings of obligation. Summer, Dani finds out that Christian with Mark and Josh are invited by Pelle to attend a mid-summer celebration.

Pelle explained that this celebration only happens every 90 years. Christian hasn't told Dani about the trip so they argued. Christian then invited Dani to come along. The group headed for Sweden and arrived at the commune. They met Connie and Simon who were invited by Brother Pelle, Ingmar.

He offered psilocybin and Dani to hallucinate his sister after the drug's influence. Tension increased as the group watched the attestupa in which two suicide commune elders jumped from the clifftop. For a moment the elder man survived while imitating the lamentation of his suffering, he crushed his skull using a hammer.

Siv elders explained this was a normal expression of the price view regarding death which states that each member must do the same at the age of 72 years. This scene bothers them especially Dani but they decide to stay, both at the behest of Pelle and the commune are the subject of Josh's thesis.

Connie and Simon decide to leave. Connie collects his belongings an elder tells him Simon has gone to the train station without him. Connie decided to leave the commune alone. Christian decides to copy Josh's thesis on the Price making a rift both.

Josh asked for more information about the ancient secret practice of the commune. Mark involuntarily urinated in the ancestral tree. That night Josh sneaks into the temple photographing the sacred secret text of worship. He was disturbed by the man wearing Mark's skinned face and feet and also being hit on the head with a hammer before his body was dragged out.

The next day Dani was forced to take more psychedelics and also participate in the maypole dance competition. Dani won the crowned May Queen an honorable title. Christian was sedated and prepared to participate in sexual rituals where she tried to impregnate Maja members while another female cult watched and also interacted.

After finding Christian and Maja in touch, Dani experiences a panic attack and some of the Price's women mourn her. Not long after, Christian found Josh's buried leg and found Simon who was ritually cut off as a blood eagle. Christian was paralyzed by an elder.

The cult gathered together with the lame Christian and explained to Dani to clean up his evil commune, 9 human victims had to be offered. The first 4 victims, Connie, Josh, Mark and Simon are captivated by Ingmar and Pelle towards them. The next 4 victims were members of the cult, two sacrificed elders, Ingmar and other villagers.

Dani, as Queen May, must choose the ninth and final victim to be an outsider. Finally preparing to rid Christian of his life, Dani chose to sacrifice himself. Masi was paralyzed, he was put into a disembowel bear and placed in the temple with corpses that were offered a ritual sacrifice from another sacrifice and 2 surviving volunteer villagers were given pasta made from the Yew tree to curb their suffering.

The temple burned down by eating the victim of one of the volunteers, she screamed in pain. Outside, the cult roared with him as they celebrated the completion of the ritual. Dani burst into tears but gradually began to smile.