Synopsis of the Phil Film (2019)

  • Director: Greg Kinnear
  • Producer: Aaron L. Gilbert, Sandy Stern, Bradley Thomas
  • Cast: Eoin Bates, Megan Charpentier, April Cameron, Jarret Cody, Sarah Dugdale, Scott Crouch, Jay Duplass

When connected to his estranged daughter named Molly (Megan Charpentier), the dentist named Phil (Greg Kinnear) disappears in a state of depression, unable to mate about life anymore.

Once when he treated Michael (Bradley Whitford) who is a writer who seems to have it all, sharing stories about his extraordinary existence, urging Phil to be able to work on his life that has not been studied.

Instead of taking responsibility for his own happiness, Phil decides to stalk Michael. Unsure of how to proceed, Phil chose to become Spiros' old friend, Michael, using the cover to enter the dead man's house.

Grieving widow Alicia did not know what to do by hiring Spiros to finish the bathroom renovation work that Michael began, allowing Phil full access to the deceased's notes, trying to understand why the writer committed suicide.

Others around Alicia are not so sure Spiros is a real problem, forcing Phil to cover his tracks and remain invisible when Detective Welling (Luke Wilson) investigates the situation.


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